The advanced mindset is a way of looking at life. You most likely aren’t ever going to be advanced because less than .1% of the population is. However, you can still benefit from an advanced mindset. A great idea from the book is to try liking everything instead of hating everything. Find the good in things instead of always looking for the bad. This not only is a better outlook on life but it makes you more likable. “What advancement does is puts you in touch with that part of yourself that wants to singalong to “I’m Still Standing” because you loved it when you were a kid, before you were aware that Elton John wasn’t cool. The Advanced Genius Theory says that a good song is simply a song that you love, regardless of what everyone else thinks. You can Advance, then, only when you believe in yourself.”

I started to think about this and remembered watching Cool As Ice (8% of Rotten Tomatoes) and thinking that it was the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Now that I think about it a bit further, the one scene where his motorbike jumps the fence with out any ramp whatsoever is pretty ingenious. Later in the movie he does it again when he rides his bike through a wall that the bad guys were shown just earlier being on the second floor. And guess what, NO RAMP! “You can still have good taste. It’s just that the question becomes how much you like a work of art rather than whether you like it.” This actually makes the movie fun and to be perfectly honest, enjoyable. Rather than bashing the poor plot, awful acting, and a complete waste of 91 minutes, you find what makes it good.

I hope that when you read these posts I’m not coming off like I’m now the most advanced blogger in the world because that’s obviously not my intention. I’m just trying to interest you the same way that I was.