So I really don’t have much going on right now and that has me turning to TV. My poker playing has been poor and aside from NFL playoffs I don’t intend to place any bets. I really need a productive hobby but for now, nothing will have to do.

I’m entertained by 24, simple as that. I find the show’s unrealistic parts hilarious and wonder how you can have so many smart people working on one show and have so many minor details just stand out. Jack was talking to the ballers in complete daylight, yet the explosion occurred in total darkness within the same hour. Plus the bro has eyesight to pick up one random guy walking into a house a quarter mile away while he was playing bball. When Jack got the shit beat out of him by Dom, there wasn’t even a scratch. And my favorite, why is Freddie Prinze Jr, Agent ORTIZ? Other than the minor bs and that Jack saves the day time and time again, I thought the first 4 episodes were pretty entertaining even though I swear the commercials are more time than the actual show. Plus, whenever it starts flashing that it’s x:57 and you know there are only 3 more minutes until you have to wait a week again, it’s pretty much TV torture. One last 24 tidbit. The wagon just finished watching and he asked why did she do that to the Russian in the shop, I said “she’s just forcing his hand.”

I watched the first two episodes of the celebrity rehab with Dr Drew and this is one of the best shows I’ve watched. I’m going to go back and watch the first two seasons just because I’m that entertained by this one. Rodman and his whole stance just blows me away because I can really relate. He’s there because the court is making him and he doesn’t really think he has a problem, the guy just likes to get smashed here and there. I love the footage of him at the bar too because he’s a monster man and the shot glasses are like thimbles. I really can’t even write about it because you have to see it to get it.

The real thing that amazes me about the show is the females. When I watch shows like this it just completely proves to me that I have no idea what girls are looking for out of relationships. The girl who had a seizure at the end (which was shocking) took beat down after beat down and then when she talks to Dr. Drew she mentions the word “love”. He looks at her like she’s from space and says “that’s not what love is.” I think because of my upbringing and not being exposed to all the crazy matters that these people have been through, I just can’t understand how people rationalize. I am really drawn to the real life – real problems. I like this show over 24 on account of the last sentence.