I’m going to give a brief overview of how my fashion sense has worked over the past 28 years of my life.

Years 1-5 – I have some hilarious pictures that I should scan but it’s pretty apparent I was dressed by my parents.

Years 6-13 – The elementary school years. I’m sure my parents still bought everything and I vaguely remember being a huge fan of plaid shorts. In 6th grade was the very first time I ever wore jeans and that was monumental. I also recall the brand “NO FEAR” being a popular shirt of mine. Champion mesh shorts & socks probably stole the show as well.

Years 14-18 – High School years were dominated by Aeropostale girl. I remember thinking how trendy Abercrombie & Fitch were at the time and I was going to be different with Aeropostale. I think khaki cargo shorts were a major contributor to my style. Hooded sweatshirts as well.

Years 18-21 – My college years were pretty plain. I probably still wore cargo shots and jeans to almost every occasion. Hooded sweatshirts & tee-shirts were what I wore to class. I’m sure I had some Nautica polos which I thought were bad ass.

Years 21 – 28 – I substituted a zip up hoodie for a hoodie sweatshirt which was pretty major. I ditched the cargo shorts for Dockers. I wear a barrage of polos from Ralph Lauren to Calvin Klein. Always low cut socks and usually a reasonable looking belt. You won’t find me very often in button down shirts because I just don’t like them. I wear Pumas or Nikes for shoes. Many alcohol and band shirts exist for my t-shirts.

I really would have pictures to describe all this but I have my mouse on its charger and it’s too much work.