So I finally have a good post on a Tuesday night. I went to Fireside to play trivia on Tuesday. The team didn’t really do well for the first 3 rounds and on the 4th there was a strange capitalization round where you have to say if the letter is capitalized or not. An example would be is the O in AOL capitalized or not? Anyway, for our team name I wrote “the girls across from us are cheating.” This was spotted by one of us and we figured that we would have no chance of winning so at least the guy hosting would know these girls were cheating. After the first 2 questions we were 1 for 2 and I figured this was going to be fine. Sure enough we rattled off the next 8 in a row and we ended up winning the round. So the host calls out “I hope you weren’t copying them but ‘the girls across from us are cheating’ won this round”. So after a few seconds nobody wanted to get up and claim the t-shirt you get from winning because we’d look like dicks. So I just got up sheepishly and claimed the prize. Once the girls realized we were referring to them (the whole bar is laughing at our team name including them) the girls went nuts and started defending themselves which of course was awkward. I didn’t actually see them cheating so I’m just sitting there like a Avox. After a few minutes we left but will probably return next week to clear the air.

After that I went to Double Visions which is a strip club. First off, Double Visions is amazingly enhanced since the last time I went there 3 years ago. Rock and I walked in and walked out because it was embarrassingly disgusting. This time, I must say, the girls were pretty good looking and the interior was well suited for a good time. I ended up telling one girl that I would go for a lap dance (20 dollars) after she did her routine on the stage. My initial plan was to leave before then but as it played out I got a lap dance from her. Surprisingly, this didn’t really get a rise out me. I can’t really explain it but I think the friction just wasn’t happening and even though she was a pro of 9 years, she failed. Aside from that 20 being a complete waste of money, it was a pretty entertaining night for a Tuesday. .