It’s 6:08 and I’m just about to leave for the 10 mile Broad St Run which goes off at 8:30. My plan is to drive up to the stadium, take the subway to the start, run the race, and then leave before the masses finish. I ate 6 slices of pizza last night and only pooped out a tiny bit which has me mildly concerned. I feel pretty good though and expect to run well.

I went golfing yesterday at a really nice course called Broad Run in West Chester. It was only 39 bucks for a twilight rate. I managed a 90 and that consisted of getting up and down for pars on 3 straight holes. I wasn’t as magical off the tee as I am some times but the short game pulled me through. I wasn’t sure if playing a round of golf before Broad st was wise but I decided to keep my legs active. I’ve also been playing a lot of chess so any noobs out there who want to challenge me,, username rnningfool.