I have come across two great no-so secrets that I’m willing to share with my blog audience. I just don’t see people using them as much as they should. I think the ideas apply when a skill level is involved to achieve success. Skill games like golf, chess, or poker are require practice. I will use these in my examples for clarification purposes.

1) Taking advice
2) Paying for advice

1) Taking advice is crucial because it shows two things 1) You want to improve. 2) You admit you are not the best
Many times I feel people just think that they can get better by themselves or they are as good as they can be. It takes people who are better than you do show you better ways to do things. Wanting to get better is the quickest way to improve and other people can help achieve this for you.
2) Paying for advice is something that most people don’t take advantage of. A lot of skill games are decided by the amount of practice involved. Almost all skill games have “professionals” who are willing to give lessons. They usually charge a reasonably amount to help you improve. Spending money to improve is smart because it cuts down on learning time and gives you expert advice. Chess is the perfect example of this. I spend 10 dollars a month to use a program called chess mentor. It teaches me how to play well. Now consider the edge I have against everyone else who doesn’t use this program all because I’m willing to spend a few dollars. People are cheap and don’t understand this value.