Even though it’s been 2 days I’m going to sum up my business trip because I think people might find this different. I woke up at around 5:30 on Wednesday with the intent of reaching Baltimore at 8 or so. I set the alarm for 5:15 but I didn’t set it right and was running 20 minutes behind schedule. For the next 8 hours or so I visited the following cities in this order: Churchville, Baltimore, Beltsville, Laurel, Hyattsville, Brentwood, Bladensburg, Capitol Heights, and Alexandria. I saw about 20 different customers this first day. Everyone always asked well how many sales did you make? The answer is quite simple that it doesn’t matter. You get so much information from being on the road that sales are really secondary because trips like this improve you personally and make you a better salesman. I stayed in a hotel for 99 bucks that has an IHOP that I like to eat for breakfast.

On day 2 I did indeed eat my IHOP and was headed to Fredericksburg. I mistakenly missed a stop in Lorton but after Fredericksburg I hit Manassas, Bethasda, and finished up in Rockville. I probably only hit about 15 customers because this required a bit more driving. I closed the trip driving up 95 which turned into be a traffic nightmare. There was nothing worse hustling for 2 straight days only to sit in traffic when all I wanted to do was go home. It was really a successful trip though because it enables me to personalize relationships and try to get people to buy from me because they like me. I do a good job with this type of trip in becoming friendly with people we do business with. It’s sort of surprising how easy it is to talk to someone you are trying to sell compared to trying to pick up some random girl. Nevertheless I have a few different trips scheduled in the next week or so and I’ll try to keep everyone updated. There were a few key opportunities on this trip that I would like to take advantage of. That is the goal.