I noticed one of the most annoying, obnoxious things to say while in a conversation with a stranger, “my boyfriend…” I suppose this happens more often as you get older because more people have had a chance to be together longer but even with randos and the bar I hear it. I’m sure this could also be attributed to my less than Casanova-like deliverance. Example, I went up to this girl and introduced a conversation and her reply was I feel miserable, to which I responded why, and she said something like my ex-boyfriend yada yada. After that I really had no more interest in talking to her. It could be one of the biggest turn offs hearing about someone who you don’t knows boyfriend. I believe that this is probably just a defense mechanism for their insecurity but it’s still wildly annoying. Next time anyone brings up their significant other in the first 1 minute of meeting them I’m just turning my back and walking away.