In the past few days I’ve heard people rant about how they use their credit card for everything to rack up points. How anyone who doesn’t do this is an idiot. I have an opinion on this that I’m happy to share and to give my experience with points. My company has a corporate AMEX card that we use for trips, computers, and general supplies that most likely outweighs most peoples monthly expenses. In probably 2-3 years of use we were able to accumulate enough points to buy my mom 4 presents: a kindle, a bike, and two other things that probably amounted to a few hundred bucks. Jeff ended up breaking the bike in under a month to give an idea on quality orientation. The bottom line is all that credit card use amounted to a nominal kickback which I don’t deny is better than nothing.

Here’s where my problem lies. People who go out of their way to use points are on my shit list. They actively avoid cash so that they can use their card. So if you happen to be with a person who doesn’t carry cash, chances are they are a points whore or someone who is brainless. Let’s think about this selfish points whoring act. If 4 people go out to dinner and they are all 4 point whores with no cash then you are going to work with 4 separate checks. This is the shittiest situation for a hostess and complete ineptitude on the party. For what?!?!?!? So you can gain 10 points that kicksback about 10 cents. People are fucking morons sometimes. It’s one thing if you put a few hundred dollars as a charge but to think that you are gaining by using your card everywhere is idiotic. You are being a nuisance because you don’t have the common sense to carry cash.

But, Tom, you are the moron because you are passing up free money. Oh really? The biggest concern in my life is how I can figure out how to use my credit card more often so I can gain more points? Do I live on peon planet? Is my thinking this small that I worry about every cent going in and out of my bank account. How about I worry about staying fit, eating right, and trying not to spend my money like an tard instead of thinking about how many points I’m accumulating. I just really don’t get it.