So I finally got some news that’s blog worthy, my sister is getting married! A big congratulations to Laura and Brookes. Brookes, the title of this blog is dedicated to you with the trending brother reference. I’m still using the Hey Brother on a regular basis and it becomes even funnier when you use it to someone in the family. Even though you aren’t technically my brother, we become family which makes the hey brother the universal greeting.

Laura called me today and greeted me with “get your tux ready…” My first instinct when I hear this is “Shit, I hate wearing a Tux.” Then she said “I’m getting married” and I was sort of caught off guard. I don’t know why else I would need a tux but for some reason I didn’t put two and two together and while I was processing this information I think I mumbled something like “oh that’s great.” I think her response was “wow, you seem really excited…” which was appropriate for the enthusiasm in my voice. In no way whatsoever am I disappointed in this wonderful news but I’m not one to go jumping around the room in excitement like I’m sure other people would who place marriage at the top of pyramid in news priority. It’s great to see two people who have been together and know that they want to spend the rest of their lives together tie the knot. I wish Brookes and my sister the very best and you can refer to this blog post when I say “I will be happy to do anything I can in any way to help the wedding go as swimmingly as possible. You have my full support.”

Just a few selfish thoughts to take away from the real people who the spotlight should be on. I dread weddings because you have to find a date and without one our society thinks your weird. As a single person a wedding isn’t something I look forward to. Married people and couples who have been together for a long time probably love weddings because they get to get all dressed up and spend time on a joyous occasion. This is why when Laura says get a tux ready that my mind immediately goes to uh oh. I’d almost go as far as hiring an escort than showing up alone. Maybe it’s more in my own head but I honestly don’t think so. People are fickle. I also think the fact that a younger sibling getting married before an older sibling has people start asking “when are you going to get married?” These are all things that our society has developed. These aren’t normal thoughts from rational people. These are ideas that come from group think. The fact that I live my life how I please shouldn’t concern you and your idea of what is normal. This is why from my personal standpoint, I don’t like weddings. So if any females read this and want to go to this wedding to take the pressure off of my life, that would great. We can even set up a wedding before Laura and Brookes so I can make sure I get married before her to keep everyone happy.