I’ve had times in my blog life where I threatened to quit the blog for various reasons. This however is not one of those times. I am just in a spot where I’m unable to come up with original, entertaining posts. When I put myself in the reader’s shoes I ask myself what do I like to read about? Something thoughtful, topical, and interesting. Perhaps new information that I was never aware of. I’d even go as far as something that makes a person who blogs unique. Then I think about all the different things in my life and I just know that I’ve wrote about them hundreds of times before. I am struggling to keep this interesting and that’s partly because I’ve been spending a lot of time at work and haven’t had the chance to focus on rnningfool.com. I do ask that you stick with it because I will pull myself out of miserable entry after entry and start coming through with some better entry’s. I think it might have something to do with culture shock and how I feel like a gerbil in his wheel.