As Jeff so deftly pointed out, I haven’t been posting much. The less readers you get, the less you tend to post. As my traffic has been decreasing you would think that I’d be posting more to try to increase traffic. We can chalk this up to laziness and lack of ideas. It’s difficult because this seems to be one of those tasks that doesn’t really accomplish much. I can’t look at this website and at the end of the day feel that I’m getting great return on my time. Sure for the reader you can spend 3 minutes and exit the browser without a second thought but I’ve been sitting here for 15 minutes just typing these last 4 sentences. I feel like I haven’t really been doing much of interest as well. Or perhaps I’ve been doing things of interest but just don’t feel like sharing with my blogging universe.

To be perfectly honest I felt a sense of sadness when I left New Zealand last week. There was something about knowing that I won’t be back there and that Jeff and Nicole are there on their own that struck a chord. I also think that my 7 days of vacation being over attributed to that emotion. I’m usually not one to get emotional and it really only lasted for about 1 hour but I still felt something which was good. Now that I’m back in the States everything is just back to the way it is. Everything is exactly the way I left it. I pick up work right where it left off and here we go again. I still can’t tell if it’s good or bad but it’s definitely not the way time was meant to be spent. Those 7 days of my life were ones I can look back on and say “I was living life.”