I thought this might be an interesting exercise but I expect to be proven wrong with no comments. I’m going to pose a few questions that may be a little more meaningful than some of the these other surveys out there. Answer if you want to.

1. Name, ASL – Tom, 28/M Philly
2. Current Position – Self employed seller of hand tools
3. Dream Job – Golf Course Owner
4. I’ve thought about death? – Yes
5. The answer to 4 effects the way I live life? – No

The older I get the more morality comes into play. When you’re young you don’t think about dying. As you age, the more you want to feel like you aren’t wasting your time on Earth. I’m starting to get the feeling that I’m not taking full advantage of my life. That the answer to 4 should be effecting my life. Like if I see a hot girl and want to get it in, there should be no sense of embarrassment or shyness or anything because of how short life is and the adage “live life to its fullest”. This also relates to question 2 & 3 because if they aren’t matching up, what are you currently doing to change that? I feel like I haven’t felt the need to answer these questions and for whatever reason I’m starting to now. How about you?