You’ll have to click the picture to get a better view. I was watching the season finale of Breaking Bad’s latest season and the site I’m watching it on does a really good job of making you want to click their ads. Starting with the goalie, he moves so slowly back and forth and they give you this target and I was just sitting there like “oh man this is so easy I can’t wait to score a goal.” The chat from the lingerie girl in facebook is a classic nowadays but still I’m sure plenty of morons fall for it. Oh yeah this really hot girl is somehow messaging me when I’m not even logged into anything and I’m just going to be able to chat to her because. The Asian women love Western men thing though is what made me make the post. That is just too funny and specific that I had to laugh. Notice too that the boxes have a close “x” which says removes ads which obviously once clicked will just lead you to more ads. This particular page though has a ton of thought being put into their ads that I just wanted to share.