Last night I visited Target, Barnes and Nobel and Best Buy. I didn’t have anything in particular I was going to buy but just decided that I would purchase something if it struck me. I walked in Target first and realized I only had about 7 pairs of underwear and I didn’t like wearing 2 of them because they ride up and one pair shrunk to an uncomfortable fit so I decided to purchase some new ones. Amazingly every pair of Hanes Large boxers were out of stock. They had plenty of fruit of the loom but I just couldn’t bring myself to become a fruit of the loom guy. Luckily I found a pair of Large boxers hidden behind some other pairs and was able to find what I was looking for. I also bought a wool hat for 4 bucks even though this weather has been moderate, 2 perfect Hanes T-Shirts which I like for working out, a pair of mesh shorts, and a pair of work out pants. The oddest purchase I made was a Sublime shirt for 13 bucks. I’m not a huge fan of Sublime, I mean I like their music when the time is right but I’m not ape shit over them like I am with Led Zeppelin. HOWEVER, I feel like Sublime has this great vibe surrounding them because their lead singer died and now everyone just accepts them as a good band so I’m making a statement of fitting in with people even though I don’t really agree with the band. This could be construed as living for other people instead of yourself but I think it’s ok if you know you’re doing it. I think it totaled 77 bucks which seemed like a lot for Target but I got what I was looking for.

I also went to Best Buy and couldn’t find anything I wanted. I was browsing through the CD selection because I still listen to them in my car. I went through the 5 dollar CD rack and was surprised at how much good material was there, I didn’t bite though. I don’t really buy too many DVD’s and all the other accessories are just fodder. I then went to Barnes and Nobel and bought a book by Neil Strauss who interviews famous people and it seemed really interesting. I also bought a biography on the Stones and The Hunger Games to see what everyone is raving about. I was given a PDF of the book but I didn’t know what to do with it so I just bought the book. The font is huge and I can’t see this being a thrilling book but that certainly won’t stop me from trying it. I’ll be making a better post about the Neil Strauss book because it’s hilarious. I also am given the opportunity to be a Barnes and Nobel member which I decline every time because I assume I will buy all my books on Amazon but it seems like I prefer to get the books NOW. Money down the drain.