A new show on A&E is called Shipping Wars and I find is pretty fascinating. It is a show about truckers who pick up items and deliver them around the country. They bid on cargo which ranged from a boat, a telephone booth, a Venus fly trap and a 3,800 lb bronco. This hit me in a real life scenario because just recently I was in a situation of moving 4 skids, 1,200 lbs each, from Philly to Brooklyn and it’s not nearly as easy as you think. Loading them onto a truck, marking sure the skids fit, finding the location, and generally dealing with driving a truck takes experience. I think this show does a great job of showing the realism of moving cargo across the country. The characters are pretty entertaining too as they range from experienced drivers to complete noobs. Watching the noobs get themselves in sticky situations that end up costing them money is great. I also find it really neat how the better movers are able to tackle difficult items and load them on a truck. Watching the one guy Jarrett not know whether he can fit the cargo and constantly low ball items is hilarious. I actually found the whole concept awesome.