Facebook launched in 2004 and has since grown to over 800 million users. On average, ervery 4 months of the last 2+ years, Facebook adds 100 million new users. I am going to predict that Facebook will begin its slow decline starting this year. As a Facebook user myself, I’m going to give my insight on what has changed in the past 7 years and why people will begin moving in other directions.

1. Facebook is going public. This will put pressure on the company to make profits and keep the stock price rising. In 2011, Facebook had 4.2 billion in revenue which was an 114% growth from the previous year. Where is the problem here? There are 800 million people and already practically everyone I know has an account. My mom, my aunt, my friends little brothers. Even my Dad for god sakes who doesn’t know the difference between Google and Internet Explorer. Where is this sustained growth going to come from especially when people are beginning to grow tired of it.

2. Facebook is the pre-requisite time waster. When you are bored and have nothing better to do, you check Facebook. The problem is that Facebook sucks. Status updates are nonsensical and pointless. Only creeps care what your relationship status is. The new Timeline is seriously the worst feature I’ve ever seen. It’s an explosion of information diarrhea that is more confusing than cool. Aside from stalking pictures, Facebook has no use if you have an IQ about 50.

3. Privacy and Viruses are rampant. So many morons are clicking on “how to win an Ipad” that it’s infesting viruses on your computer and you don’t even know it. Every time you type in your password, some hacker in Svengali is trying to steal your credit card information. Once they get your password they’ll change your picture to a slut with huge tits and messages all your friends that you’re giving blumpkins at midnight to the next person who responds. Nobody wants or needs that.

4. Who clicks on Facebook’s ads to bring it’s revenue? I avoid clicking on anything I’m unfamiliar with. I don’t want to meet single girls with double D’s who live next door. I don’t want to watch my Local News. I don’t want anything you’re offering. Who are the fucking boneheads who are keeping this thing afloat?

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook has great features with the ability to share pictures and keep in touch with people. There is no other current website, with as vast a database, out there like it. Google+ isn’t going to get there because Facebook is the first mover and has established such a dominance that the barriers of entry are huge. HOWEVER, Facebook’s day is fleeting. Users will start finding alternatives. Remember when all the kids in school had snap bracelets (1990) and then kids started to cut themselves and they were banned forever, something like that will happen shortly. I can’t really predict what egregious act will terrorize Facebook but I’m sure someone is plotting something. Nothing lasts forever and I think Facebook will soon lose its “cool”. I just hope it happens sooner rather than later.

I can live without Facebook?

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