These last few days reminded me a lot of my college days. Back in college we had a group of 3 that we referred to as the Haggard Crew. Our now late leader was referred to as the captain, self proclaimed of course. In retrospect he definitely deserved the title as he was far more haggard than anyone I knew. He’d go days without showering, wear the same clothes day after day, and would get totally smashed after just a few drinks. This would leave him staggering around and making outrageous claims like he invented the question mark. Aside from the getting drunk part I’m not really sure how haggard I was considering I came from white suburbia. The 3rd member, GRama, is still active but his haggard past has left him docile. I wouldn’t necessarily call these dark days but they certainly weren’t my most productive. We’d listen to music and argue about irrelevant topics but it seemed important at the time. Funny how 5+ years later and those times seem long forgotten.

I’ve been waking up at 10am, watching some Breaking Bad, going to the gym, and basically hanging out. Nothing of any importance. In some regard it’s a bit sad that I haven’t really changed much but I’m legitimately content. I live stress free, I’m healthy and in great physical shape, and I’m happy. Could I be happier? Perhaps but everyone’s version of happiness differs. Just because you think you want to live life this way doesn’t mean that someone else wants to live the same way. It’s weird though to have so much time to do virtually nothing. I feel like this would be what it’s like if I had millions of dollars in the bank. I’d probably have a tad more freedom but nothing major. I’m sure some people would give their left nut to live this care free but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. There’s nothing real exciting happening but at least I’m not doing anything stupid either. A constant trade-off.

The picture below should give you an idea of the carefree mentality. Don’t care about my hair. No undershirt to the zip hoodie. Ready to pop open a beer.