2 days ago I went to WaWa to buy more normal breakfast which consists of a breakfast sandwich, a 16oz Snapple Iced Tea, a bag of Smartfood, and one 16oz coffee. I usually eat that and then wait an hour or so before I go to the gym. Life is tough when you have nothing to do. Anyway I did the same WaWa breakfast today and when you don’t change anything, you run into the same circumstances. Everything usually goes into a bag but I hold the coffee. When I enter my car and go to sit down it’s difficult to do this lightly so the coffee starts shooting out of the top lid on a rough landing. When this happens you never no where the coffee goes. I feel like Ben Stroehmann in Something About Mary. This is one of those little things that make me so mad. Another thing that pisses me off is when I go to close the front door and a gust of wind or maybe even the wind tunnel prevents the door from closing on the first slam. That really irritates me. I’m just taking life’s problems one step at a time. These would typically be called white people problems to me but recently there was a person (not white) who said they were going to create a blog called “first world problems.” This never struck me as accurate.

In other news, a big game between Atlanta and New Orleans will determine my fantasy football results. I played in 5 leagues this year totaling $150 in league fees. I failed to make the playoffs in 2 leagues, got to the playoffs and was eliminated in the first round in one, and made 2 championship games. I’m up 40 points going against Sproles and Graham in a half point PPR. I think I should win and that would win me 400 for the league (350 for the title and 50 for the regular season winner). The other league I’m up 10 points against Kasey, White, and Gonzalez and unless something unusual happens, I will be losing. This will net me 85 bucks (60 for 2nd and 25 for most points scored). With a 200+% return, I’d consider that a good season.