I had a pretty typical weekend. I went to the bar on Friday night and had some drinks. On my walk home at 2am I walked into a random house party and was promptly asked to leave. On Saturday, my dad, Sam, and I went to a holiday party at our cousins. It was nice seeing everyone who we don’t see all that often and things went as smooth as they could. After that I drove into the city to hang out with the Wevs and the Wads along with 24 and Bake. We went to The Irish Pub and pretty much just hung out. The Shee said the Rum Bar had a dance floor so we went in there for a minute but we sort of stood out if you catch my drift. We hit the Sugarhouse late night and I booked a solid 75 dollar profit. I think I had some pretty big bets in the 3-400 dollar range along the session. Fantasy football playoffs are also ongoing and I got some tight games. In 2 out of 5 leagues I’m down to the final 4 and as we speak it’s close in both. I need Gronk to step up. Other than that thought I don’t have much going on.