I read a great article by my man crush Chuck Klosterman. Nothing physical but I love this guy’s writing style. I wasn’t even aware of this grantland.com but he writes for it along with other esteemed colleagues. I thought the Noel Gallagher story was great as well as the Tim Tebow one. Getting off Klosterman’s dick, I read what I thought was an intriguing scenario that makes me sad to consider.

Reza Noubary, a professor of mathematics, computer science, and statistics at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania, has estimated “with 95 percent confidence” that the ultimate time for the 100-meter dash is 9.44. That number seems as good a guess as anything else. But if Noubary is correct, it would force us to accept a depressing, unreliable notion — it would essentially mean we’re about 25 years away from the pinnacle of human performance. It would mean that most of us will see the fastest man that could ever exist within our own lifetimes. And something about that just seems unlikely.

I agree 100% about the unlikely part. I’m not sure how this guy Noubary is so confident at predicting the future. He’s basically putting limitations on something that is as unpredictable as the next bball player to score 100 points in a game. I look at the way technology has evolved and the way we communicate today is something that people 50 years ago would have never even comprehended. I have to think that this translates somewhat to physical evolution. Who’s to say what type of advancements there will be made in everything from diet, exercise, genetics and everything else that comes into play for being the fastest human alive. I for one am not surprised by anything anymore. If one day we start being able to teleport from the start line to the finish line, I’m pretty sure that would set some new records.

I also wanted to touch on the depressing part about this idea of the future. People who were born in the 50’s are seeing this huge advancement in technology in 2011. My generation gets to see breakthroughs for the next 50 years. When you die, you don’t get to find out what awesome stuff is being unveiled. Ideally everyone would want to be in their prime (while living forever) and see what amazing things this Earth has to offer. People are really unbelievable in their ability to continue advancing in every single avenue. Knowing that you are going to die and not being able to see the future is a sad thing. I just imagine a completely different world in say, 200 years from now that it would blow my mind living in 2011.