Now we’re talking. This episode was exciting. The addition of Nabila was exactly what the show needed. More competition, more action, more people who know what they’re doing. The idea of watching people who value a unit and then either bid up another person or actually continue bidding higher because they think the unit is valuable is interesting. Nabila getting that last locker for $450 didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me the way all the lockers were being bid up. I even liked Jarrod having the balls to continue bidding all the way up to 3,300 bucks which I believe a less experience Jarrod would have backed down on. The values of his unit were preposterous the way they were adding up 100 dollar bills with that furniture and the old golf clubs I assure you nobody would want, but naturally they hit a gem in the cigarette cases getting completely lucky. For some reason I prefer for them to lose. Barry bidding on the mystery unit was nothing unusual and seeing him lose money was also typical. I sort of liked the feel to this show more than the last few. I can’t really explain why though. I will not be watching the newest episode of the Texas show.