I have done the unthinkable and solved the comment issue that would bring the visitor to a page that said “nothing found” after leaving a comment. This was created because I had a backslash at the end of my custom SEO URL. I would say that this is a major achievement as I don’t have to burden my visitors with reaching a page that has no information and is surely annoying. Sorry for the inconvenience but I’m happy that it’s finally figured out.

Most people probably don’t know but this blog has really evolved from my beginnings on blogspot. I was reading through the entries and I would rate them about a two out of ten. Each one was generally the same with either a movie, a TV show, basketball or gambling. If you read one you’ve read them all. I surely think the material I put out now is a bit more thought out and the presentation is eons ahead. I probably still write about the same type of material but I think I do a better job of spacing it out. I can’t believe that was well over 2 years ago. I’ve really come a long way since then as I’ve essentially cut my sports betting out and don’t really drop tons of cash at casinos anymore. I’ve also done much better in the stock market and feel like I’m doing a better job living life. I’ve been feeling really healthy and been lifting more weight then I ever had and running miles in times I’ve rarely seen in the past 5 years. I still probably drink too much but I’ve been staying out of trouble which is good. Those were some serious degenerate posts back in 2009. I can look back on that and say I have improved to some extent. Especially professionally. I know some people probably don’t expect this but I have the experience to operate a profitable business by myself and I don’t think many people can say that. I’d say I’ve gotten my shit together financially, professionally, physically and now I just have to work socially into the mix.

There was one great line in my old blog that read I’ve tripled my traffic from 4 readers to 12. Seriously with close to 15,000 visits in the past month, this is truly an accomplishment. I’m still waiting for my loyal visitors to start submitting guest entries. I know its a monumental task but it’s some exposure and you make my site better in the process. The way sites grow is when other people help with content and it gives people more information to read and thus they visit more often. I know I’m not there yet but I’m just throwing it out there in case anyone is interested. I also expect comments to triple now that I’ve fixed that page.