I’ve gotten myself on a weird sleep schedule. It’s 2am now and I’m not really ready to go to sleep. This may be because I slept from 530 to 900. Which in turn was caused by sleeping from 2pm to 7pm yesterday. I also think I made the mistake of going around drinking from opened water bottles because I think that I’m pretty much immune to germs but as it played out I got what I would describe as a sore throat, not from a cold. It’s like bacteria hanging out in the back of your throat bothering you every time you swallow. I have no cold symptoms though and I expect it to go away tomorrow.

The weekend was pretty typical. I pretty much stayed in all weekdays and was feeling really good on Friday. I went to the gym after work and then met the challenge of the wagon for beer pong. He won the best of 7 series in 6 games even though I hit the last cup in game 6. Then he won the best of 5 in 5 games. We wagered 10 bucks total which was a big deal to him considering getting him to spend money on anything other than the necessity to survive isn’t easy. After that we went to a bar and I was pretty buzzed and somehow started making out with some random chick. With no intention of bringing her back I abruptly left mid song and without saying anything just left. Probably didn’t do much for her self esteem but it seemed like the right thing to do. Then I went to another bar by myself, creepy I know but when you’re 15+ beers deep, logic and reason are dismissed. I chatted it up at this bar for a while with some randoms but alas went home by myself.

I woke up Saturday feeling fine. Won a 12 dollar 45 man tourny for 150. I used the profits to play a 55 hu sng and lost. Then went to play bball at La where me, bake, and Jkash were the only white guys. We picked up two and ended up winning 2 games against some brothers which obviously surprised them a bit. The constant arguing over the score and rules make the games take forever but all in all they are decent runs. We have a game this Wed so hopefully we can chalk up a W. Saturday night I wagered a hundo on a 3 fighter parlay on the UFC card. Naturally it hit because UFC favorites usually don’t lose. These have to be profitable to people who watch this because the best guys just don’t lose. That won me 231 dollars so I put 160 on the bengals which didn’t cover. Then I put 50 on the Birds which did cover and I hit a 25 dollar parlay to win 65 on SF and the Under tonight. That tallys me at -50 for the 13 week football season.

That pretty much sums up my last couple days of no posts. Since I’ve won a couple bets I expect to degen it up for a couple of days trying to hit a hot streak. This is basically the last full week of work before a few days off kick in. My dad has been coming back to the office here and there so that’s some relief.

I didn’t get a chance to watch Californication but I caught Dexter. I’ll write about them tomorrow. My brain is kind of jumping around a bit right now and I’m hoping I can go to sleep to get back on a normal schedule. A final thing, I finished the John Grisham book the Associate and it’s the 2nd thing I’ve read by him that had a disappointing ending. Good for 250 pages and the end just absolutely blows. Any good book suggestions are appreciated but if it sucks, I won’t forget it. I think I like literary books (1984, catcher in the rye) more than these novels put together in 5 minutes.

A final final thing. I’ve been wasting my time with sporcle and think I know more about music than most. Prove me wrong. Can you beat me? I finished with 136 and would have had 2 more if I could spell.