I wanted to share with my readers the stats of the site so you can get an idea of what I see when I choose what to post. Click on the image to get a better look. You can see that the traffic has really taken off as of late. Yesterday I recorded the highest amount of visitors in a day at 1260. This graph shows a little over 2 year period and you can see for the first year I practically got no readers. Although the bounce rate is high at 68%, I’m still happy at least it’s getting to someone. The substantial increase is due to the googling of “Brandi Passante.” I think I should send her a thank you card because without her I wouldn’t have any traffic. I think she fits the realm of fairly obscure but there aren’t that many websites to flood the market so I’m receiving the interest. I assume this will eventually die down but it’s good while it lasts. The main page that everyone searches for is Brandi’s mug shot. I can explain the success of this page and I owe it all to MSPaint. Taking her supposed mug shot picture and putting it next to another picture of hers is what sets this page apart from others on the internet. I just reread the content there for the first time and it wasn’t bad but if so many people are hitting that page I should probably spruce it up a little. I think it’s funny that people are drawn to the idea that she’s a stripper. The comments are vicious too but the last one saying “Why is this guy an asshole it happened, these are facts.” is hilarious how is judging that rnningfool.com is a credible source. People are drawn to controversy. This is something that I have to learn in future posts.