Hard work. Now I know the answer is contradictory to the title but there really isn’t any way to make easy money. What amazes me though is the amount of people who don’t understand this concept. People don’t hand out free money. I hear and see so many products telling you how they are going to make you rich. Here’s the obvious question with anyone trying to sell you something to make you rich, WHY DO THEY NEED TO SELL IT TO YOU? If the secret of their ways was so good to making money, then they wouldn’t have to sell it to you. They sell it to you because that’s the secret to how they are getting wealthy. I’m not saying that there aren’t pay for services that don’t have value but these clowns usually know just as much as you and me. The only way to make easy money is to do something illegal and that’s obviously not something most people want to get caught up in. I just get so fed up with hearing how people can make you rich and everything just comes off as a sham. I get phone calls at work on a daily basis from people trying to sell me stuff and it’s gotten to the point that I don’t listen to them anymore. I confirm that it’s a sales call from a 3rd party and I politely say no thanks and hang up the phone without giving them a chance to fill the phone line with gibberish. People who’s job it is to sell you something generally aren’t looking out for your best interest, only theirs.

I thought Howard Stern had a great statement on why he’s worth a lot of money. He said “I’m irreplaceable.” He’s right, if you can’t be replaced, you deserve to make a lot of money. Consider how valuable you are to your company and that should give you a good idea of how much money you’ll make in your lifetime. This brings us right back to the first sentence of this post, hard work. Hard work will generally give you the skills to succeed, thus making you more valuable. Aside from some freakish talents, people earn nice livings from putting in the time to master some subject that not everyone else can do. I like to think that I could make easy money playing poker, gambling, or playing the stock market but the fact is that no one is giving away easy money and you need to put in the time to EARN your wage. The reason I write this post is because I in fact have been making some easy money and I’m not a bozo who thinks that the good times never end. I may indeed be a bozo but not because I’m not realistic.