I feel like I should entertain the Shee while he opens this up at 8:30 am at his office desk. Shee, my time is 4:37 and I just came back from a trip to the casino by myself. I think there are multiple things wrong with that statement but lets just focus on what happened. After my bro Sam raped me in Ping Pong 12-2 (maybe more) I decided to head to Harrah’s Chester for a poker sesh. It was about midnight when I sat down and pretty much lingered around my buy in. I ended up cashing out 391 after being in 400. I then took my 400 bucks to blackjack where I was joined with 2 gentlemen. I proceeded to turn the 400 into 1500 and then walked out with 1200 (after a double went bad) which I’m proud to say. It’s not easy to walk away and I did so. I drove home after about 12 beers on the day (i’m not bragging just saying) and stopped at WaWa for a meatball sub. I tipped the guy making my sandwich 20 bucks and not to mention giving the dealer 25. What can I say, I’m a nice guy. I don’t deserve the money I won.