There are certain words and phrases you can use to make people feel good about themselves. To be considered a nice person, you want to make the people you come in contact with feel good. This makes them want to be around you because they can trust you and feel comfortable around you. What I mean is that people can easily be persuaded to like you if you show interest and comment on the right thing. This isn’t a simple task either, sometimes it takes some digging and hunting to find the right words, sometimes it’s right out in the open, it’s the desire to learn and work on your people skills. Before I give some examples I’ll point out that even though I have decent people skills, I don’t really like people. So take these thoughts with a grain of salt because I’m not surrounded by a plethora of friends and people who want to be around me.

“You look ripped” – Telling someone who is an exercise freak that they look ripped is usually a good way to make a friend. They’ll probably start telling you how they just worked their core and how their shoulder is bothering them from a full workout.

“I understand, that was wise.” Telling people you understand is a good start because it shows you are listening. In the next part you can use words like witty, clever, smart, you get the idea. Once they think that you think they are smart or know what they are talking about, they will like you more.

“You’re really good at…” People love other people telling them they are good at things. After doing this be prepared to hear about how they got so good or different reasons they are so good. Compliments are a great way to develop friendships if you are sincere.

I know this comes off as a deceptive, manipulative post but that’s not how I meant it. I’m not telling people how I falsely manipulate people to like me. These are just thoughts that when you are around people to help try to relate to things that interest them. People will like you if you take interest in things they like. It’s way easier to talk about things you know then things you don’t. If I were in the same room as a congressman, I’d be a fish out of water when it comes to conversation. My first thought would be explain to me what changes you’d make. The word change is great in conversation to because everything changes so it is never out of place. Plus it makes you seem smart because you are thinking about the future. Back to topic though, these things don’t work if you aren’t honest about them. You actually have to take an interest in things that you are talking to people about. Relating to people is the key to having them feel comfortable around you. If they are comfortable, they will generally like you.