I overheard this conversation from 3 people all ages of 50+. My thoughts are italicized and theirs will be regular text.

Woman: Are there Sunoco’s in Syracuse, NY? She’s looking out the window at a Sunoco to give you an idea of how creative this is.
Man 1: I think it’s local. Why? I would have no clue how to answer this question either although I’ve seen their plant in Marcus Hook.
Woman: I want to get my daughter a gift card. Why on Earth would you give her a gift card to Sunoco, give her cash. I know there’s Gulf, Getty, is Exxon one? Exxon’s only the 2nd biggest company in the world.
Man 1: Don’t forget Mobile. Exxon Mobile is the 2nd biggest company in the world.
Man 2: What about BP, they are new and just bought Shell. BP was founded in 1909 but in 1998 they merged with Amoco which gave it more of a US feel. Shell is the 5th biggest oil producer in the world never overtaken by BP.

That was all I overheard in the 2 minutes of listening but how these people live their lives is beyond me. What’s the point of talking if you have no clue what you’re talking about. From bad ideas to misinformation, I have a feeling these people aren’t alone.