The picture is small but if you click on it you will get a full view. My site topped the 1,000 visitors mark for one day yesterday. Obviously this was due to the fact that there were new episodes of Storage Wars yesterday and my blog gets hits from people searching for Brandi Passante. This is also the reason why I posted a summary of the episodes yesterday even though my interest is starting to wane. Nevertheless it’s nice to see that many people come to my website even if its for some stupid reason. I’m benefiting exactly 0 from this surge of traffic but that’s OK. It at least gives the site some validity.

In other news, I rolled my ankle during the basketball game Monday and will probably sideline myself for a week, maybe more. Bud was joking that it’s like Daniel Thomas and he’s just always questionable. I see how that happens with athletes. They have a nagging injury but they can probably still play as long as they are willing to risk injuring it further. I’m not an athlete and really can’t see any reason to risk anything. These intramural sports aren’t worth getting seriously injured over. I did use the treadmill yesterday though and ran 4 miles in 23:30 which should give you an idea the extent of the injury. I’m still not taking any chances though.

Yesterday was an interesting day in that I went to the dentist and they said the crown I have isn’t fitting properly and I need to get it taken care of. I’m not going to go into the entire story but that just causes a chain of annoying events. The woman who cleaned my teeth showed me how to floss properly in a hilarious conversation that started with “do you know how to floss?” I’m like “uhhh, yeah obviously.” Then she showed me her technique and that wasn’t how I did it at all. She brought the floss into a V on every tooth and I”m just not that thorough. After that I bought some new running shoes which was way overdue and then a pair of new jeans which was also overdue. I have 7 pairs of jeans but I only really like 1 pair to go out in so I’m hoping I now have 2 pair. I’m really picky for some reason. I like a combination of comfort and look and if one small thing is off about a pair of jeans, I don’t wear them. Reasons like too wide in the waist, too small pockets, a bit short, too tight… You’d think these could be avoiding by trying them on but I don’t like to use dressing rooms. In a final topic of blog entry, I’d still recommend Workaholics because last nights episode was pretty entertaining. If Der’s Hunter’s Kick doesn’t make you laugh, I don’t know what will.