We had some people over on Saturday for a Halloween party and I’d say it went off without a hitch. I went as Pee Wee again but lost the bow tie the previous night so Steve made one out of paper which looked pretty tacky. We got a keg of Natty Light much to the dismay of Chad. The night was a variety of drinking games ranging from quarters to civil war to flip cup. Just to toot my own horn, I was victorious in both games of survivor flip cup. Just a tip to all the amateurs, when you go to down-up-down, you barely want your cup to leave the table. Bake and I went to the bar after that and it was just crowded. I had some money on USC which was a pretty wild ending but I don’t really have anything incredibly noteworthy about the evening. I also bet on the Jags which pushed and then Pittsburgh today. I’m writing this before the Eagles game starts but I took the Birds -3.5 for 187 dollars. I’ve sort of juiced the account up so it’s playing with profit and it makes handling losses easier. Other than that though I have nothing exciting to write about, just wanted to make an entry.