I’ll give some credit to CK4 for this picture and title. The beer in hand is a Double Simcoe IPA made by Wayerbacher. I bought the variety pack case for 55 dollars and each beer is 8+%. I like this picture though because it describes what I do. beer, remote, slouched look eating cookies. The goofy costume is just the reason for the picture but you are getting an inner look into my life. Yesterday I got home from work and watched the League and Beavis and Butthead and then Steve, Ck4 and myself went to Lauren’s place for a little then we went to a friend of Steve’s. After that we went out to Lucky Strike in the city where we considered bowling but instead ended up leaving. It’s a weird feeling when you live in Manayunk and you are out in the city because you know you are going to need to take a cab back which tends to end the evening early. It was a nice change of pace though dressing up like a goon. I did see some pretty good costumes which reminds that Halloween doesn’t quit at any age. I remember when I was little and the different types of costumes I would be, Dracula was my personal favorite. Bud’s mom used to make his costumes and I won’t ever forget the lobster or the chicken. Get those pictures and find some way to email them to me because your mom should get a pat on the back for dressing you up like that. Halloween is a fun time though and just another good reason to party. We are getting a keg tonight even though the weather isn’t cooperating. Any one who reads the blog is welcome.