I was listening to Stern the other day and they were interviewing the people who were protesting against, I think because I’m not sure they even know, our financial system. They interviewed this one girl who said the world would be a better place if no one had any money. Sort of a communist or socialist mentality. So I started thinking of a place that literally didn’t have any money. Rather than pick what food you eat, I imagine piles and piles of rice that the general public just scooped from. I envision Oliver Twist like dining. Trading would become your means of survival, which is really just another form of capitalism. People would all dress the same and most likely think the same. Capitalism creates unique ideas that people get rewarded for. It makes people think outside the box instead of like drones. I just can’t imagine living in a society that didn’t reward progress. Our govt is probably pretty devious, selfish, and wasteful, but at least the general population is only somewhat effected by their choices. It’s not like these terrible decisions our govt makes is to put the population in shackles and make them work to death. America is a pretty awesome, FREE, place that people in power abuse. So I understand why people protest and of course not everyone can be happy but I’m still proud to be an American even with all the corruption. It could be worse. Like a society with no money.