I’m finally back in the Philly area and will be posting with normal frequency again. After reading Nicole’s post and the in depth detail of their adventure in a foreign country, I’ll bring you my adventure in less thrilling, but more degenerate style. I briefly went over where I was but that was 2 beers deep, on the couch at 10am on Friday, and I can do a better job.

On Thursday, I attended the show again and went to the airport for a flight to Ft. Lauderdale. Atlanta’s airport was congested and a real shithole. All I wanted to do was sit at a bar and have a beer and it was a nightmare of annoying people. The flight was smooth and I met the Rock at the airport. We went to the Blue Martini and had a couple beers before going to the Beer supermarket where I bought a 12 pack of this really good Coney Island Craft beer. We also purchased 2 cigars which I’ll explain what happened to. Rock and I went to Duffy’s to kill some time while we waited for CK4 from the airport. I probably had another 2 34oz beers there during their “2 for 1 happy hour.” Tons of places have happy hours. When CK4 arrived we bought an 18 pack of Coors Light from the Publix and had killed some more time before heading to the Blue Martini again. The Rock had to work on Friday so we left a little early and I decided to smoke one of the cigars on the balcony. Ck4 and I drank 12 beers total to raise my solo count to 14+ beers for the day.

Ck4 and I had the day to kill by ourselves on Friday while the Rock worked. I woke up and drank a beer or two before we went down to the beach and had a 26 dollar breakfast. After that we went to Hooters where I bought a 23oz cup for 11 bucks that also came with a Hooters calender. I had 3 23 oz beers there and was only charged for 2. Next we killed some time playing pool and decided to go to the Blue Martini. You’ll notice me mention this bar fairly often and it’s because they have a 2-8 happy hour and bartenders with the right assets. I started with a Corona and quickly moved to 3 various martinis. By 4 (I guess) I was pretty drunk and we went back to the Rock’s place. I smoked the cigar that the Rock bought and went to the pool. I passed out after that and woke back up at 8. I had a craft beer or two and than we went to McSorley’s which had an unlimited happy hour from 8-10. You pay 20 bucks and you can drink top shelf which suited us fine. I was drinking Red Bull and Grey Goose and had 4-5. Things start getting a little hazy at this point. Rock and I (no CK4) somehow ended up at Solid Gold. My recollection there isn’t great but after some money being spent, we found ourselves back at the Blue Martini buying Ashton cigars. After drinking some scotch, smoking the cigars, and discussing important life matters, I had to call it quits at 2am.

Saturday is college football day so I woke up at 9:30, had a beer or two, and started making some bets. I put 200 bucks on whatever team Wisconsin was giving 40 points to and I bet on Purdue against PSU. This netted a 100 dollar loss. We were watching the game at Duffy’s where I had 2 more 34 oz beers and a New York Strip Steak. CK4 got driven back to the airport where the Rock got caught in a malicious speed trap. After that I fell a sleep for an hour and two and the Rock and I went to a restaurant called Yardhouse or something. They had some seedy casino where I won 40 bucks at a electronic table. I placed some money on Oklahoma, which lost, and we watched the game at a place called the Lulu’s Bait Shack or something. We split a bucket of 5 beers, I had a shot of Rumplemintz, and called it a night.

On Sunday, I packed up my shit and we headed down to the Quarterdeck to watch the NFL games. I still had plenty of money in my account but couldn’t muster up a bet after losing 3 big ones in a row. I had 3 Coors Lights and he drove me to the airport. Ft Lauderdale is a smaller airport and it was a breeze getting through. I arrived back yesterday feeling pretty tired and out of it but I’m finally starting to fully recover and feeling like my normal self. Aside from the one night, I was pretty coherent the entire time and enjoyed the nice landscape of Florida. We didn’t really do anything extraordinary but it was a nice change from PA. I probably had near 50 drinks in this time frame which would certainly classify myself as an alcoholic but technically this was vacation.