While watching the Eagles/Bills game this Sunday, Fred Jackson scored a TD and I was happy because he is on my fantasy team. Steve, a much more dedicated Eagles fan than me, took this as a sleight and asked me where is my loyalty? My answer was first to money (betting) and next my fantasy team. I don’t root for a Philadelphia team like they are “my” team. Now don’t get me wrong, if I’m attending a game I’ll cheer for the Philadelphia team (unless I bet against them and mostly just to fit in), but I’m not a fake fan like the thousands of other people out there. You won’t see me at the end of the season jumping on the bandwagon during a playoff push. I’m indifferent at the beginning, middle, and end of the season. There should be nothing wrong with this and people shouldn’t think any less of me because of my dedication, or lack thereof, to a sports team. Personally, I think it’s moronic having thousands of fans who only support you when your good. The Phillies are the perfect example. In 2002, 20,000 people a game was the average attendance at the Vet and they finished a hair under 500. After 5 straight NL East titles, they sell out every game at 40,000+. It just shows that people become fans when the team is good because it’s a status thing. I’m a bigger fan than you, let me pretend show you how much I like the team. I also don’t care if you get joy out of liking a team. There’s nothing wrong with filling your life void with an enthusiasm for a sports team. It’s social, fun, and it’s a common bond amongst a city. If it makes you happy, do it. But, you will never see me getting emotionally upset at a Philadelphia sports team. These losses don’t ruin my day. I also can’t wait to see how many Eagles fans support “their” team when they are 4-11 limping to the end of the regular season.