On a Friday Night, Steve and I went to his brother’s house to watch the Phillies game 5. This was the final game of the series at Citizens Bank Park and it was our best pitcher, Halladay, vs their best pitcher in Chris Carpenter. Without going into to much detail, the Cardinals won the game 1-0 with a run in the first. The Phillies bats failed to show up in the most important game of the season. I see my news feed on Facebook light up with people criticizing the players but anyone who does that is a fair weather fan. I even see people who watch every game burning Ryan Howard at the cross for coming up lame in the series and I just think it’s really clueless because without his 116 RBI’s during the season, we wouldn’t be here. ANYWAY, Me, Ed, Steve and Lauren (and some friends) watched the game together. The McGrath’s and I have a really good rapport and it’s a fun atmosphere to watch the game. The most fascinating part of the night, that only I would find fascinating, is when I saw a painting on the wall of their apt. It was a picture of Pee Wee Herman painted by Ed’s gf, Beckee, and it is very well done. I posed the question how much would you sell this painting for? I started with 100 bucks which she sort of balked at and then I raised the offer to $250. I don’t know if she would sell it for that much but she was considering it. This is a painting which you said was “the most time I ever spent on a painting.” Money is only an object. Money won’t pay you for your time put into that painting. So you put your hours into this work and you’d be willing to sell it to some schmoe like me? Yes it’s Pee Wee Herman and probably only has a monetary value to some but there is no way that this piece of work has any more value to anyone else but you. Money only blurs the focus of its value.