I see you are linking different pages in your posts which is good. HOWEVER, you aren’t clicking the little box that says open in a new window when you are making it a hyperlink. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is when I click on your link, get taken to the next page, watch your information, close the page as a natural habit and then freak out because I have to revisit your page. Yes, people notice this. I put this as a close second to unwanted ads in front of videos I want to watch. I am starting to hate ESPN, Youtube and Failblog. I can’t stand getting excited to watch a video this very instant only for it to be 30 seconds of ads. I know ads are everywhere and it’s not possible to live in a world without them. Even this blog has succumbed to the allure of making money, unsuccessfully of course. While we’re on the subject of Sam’s blog, your categorization really needs some work. I’m not saying mines great but try moving your categories from the right nav bar to the top (like mine). Sort of thins the page, makes things easier to navigate and almost gives the page some organization. With a 3rd blog added to our blogroll, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before people start realizing our ingenuity behind these blogs. If anyone else maintains any sort of website, I’m happy to add it to mine as long as it’s somewhat mediocre. I find writing to Sam indirectly through my blog seems to have some effect as he did what I told him to do on the last post.