Week 4 is in the books except for one matchup against Ck4 in Bake’s league. I have LeGarrett Blount and the Tampa D vs Josh Freeman and he is up 7 points. I give myself a 75% chance at winning this game. Now in the past I’ve had some run ins with CK4 that didn’t play out my way but it’s not nearly as bad as he’d like to think. I traced our head to head stats all the way back to 07′ and we’ve met 9 times. The overall heads up record is 4-4 and I won in our Championship game last year that I stupidly decided to split the prize money so essentially we tied even though I doubled him up. He’s like Little Mac from Mike Tyson Punch-out and I’m always like Soda Popinski. You would think I would have a huge edge because of my physical superiority but for some reason he just never goes down without a fight. I should be in good shape come Monday night as long as Blount doesn’t put up a doughnut. Assuming I win that game, I’ll move to 4-0 in that league. In the other leagues I’m going 2-2 and there is no Monday night miracle. It’s sort of annoying because the 2 wins come in leagues I’m already winning in and the losses in leagues I’m losing in. I’ll move to 3-1 in two leagues and 1-3 in the others. I lost by 2 points in one game and Morrison will blow me out in the Schmidt’s league where I just can’t buy a win. I’ve been rolling in the other two and Hetrick helped me out this week basically not putting up a winning score. All my teams were solid again and with 2 “mistakes” being made where I played Denarius Moore over Steve Smith and Hightower over McGahee. I’m basically in 1st or 2nd in 3 leagues and close to the cellar in the other 2. It’s still early and I won’t give up. Luck is involved in fantasy football and you just have to stick with it sometimes.

Betting wise I proved pretty strong this weekend. With a little more luck, I almost hit a 7 team teaser. I hit the first 5 in the 1pm games, won the Giants and Denver +19 broke it up in the last game. It was 20 to win 200. I bet on the Saints and the Giants (thanks Shee) which covered and then made a nice 50 dollar bet on the Ravens which won to give me a 90 dollar profit for the week. This puts me almost exactly even for the season and gives me a little bankroll in Bodog. Because I’m a degenerate gambler (I haven’t been), I’ll probably bet on the Colts +10.5. I know they stink but Tampa Bay isn’t exactly firing on all cylinders on offense. It just seems like a weird line to me and I think everyone will jump on Tampa Bay which is why I like the Colts. Evan will most likely beat me in Fanduel for the 3rd week in a row and it’s starting to get a little humiliating. The defenseive points were insane and his 35 from the Ravens sort of blew me away.