NFL RedZone

If you like football and you have cable, you should watch all of the NFL games on RedZone. It’s 7 bucks a month for the Sports and Entertainment package and there isn’t a better way to watch football. For whatever reason whenever I get into a fantasy football conversation I always ask the question, “You watch the games on RedZone?” If the answer is no, you aren’t talking to someone serious about fantasy football. You get to watch action from EVERY SINGLE GAME WITH NO COMMERCIALS! Plus it’s always the most exciting part of the game, when teams are going to score. Where else am I gonna see footage from the Carolina – Jacksonville game and know that the game was underwater and that’s why the stats are so far below what they should have been. Just looking at a stat sheet won’t show you that. Plus reviewing stats on is so atrocious that I have to address this issue. I don’t want to watch a video that takes 10 seconds to load about the game when I click the game link. All I want to see when I click on the game center is the stats. No video, I shouldn’t have to click “analyze”, just show me the stats. Without RedZone, this would be my only method of knowing what is going on in other games. However, this way I can actually watch the scores and see if they happened by a fluke play or if they guy is seriously skilled aka Torrey Smith.

I have to take this paragraph and explain from a technical end of things how professional and polished the red zone production staff has gotten. Scott Hanson will reference obscure players names from every single team seconds after the play has happened almost instantly. He’s probably more in tune with the game than the commentators calling it. The way the top fantasy performers numbers show over top the screen is a great addition. The fact that there is 0 downtime throughout 6 straight hours of broadcast makes Scott Hanson the hardest working man on Sunday in my opinion. I’m sure the crew that backs him up deserves a ton of credit also. Top notch production, A++++. These guys have it down pat.

I’m from Philadelphia and if I had to choose a team to root for it would be the Eagles. I watched RedZone over the Eagles game this week. It really wasn’t even a difficult decision. 1pm has become my favorite time of the week waiting for RedZone to start. The buildup to the greatest programming on television is worth the price of admission. It’s 7 dollars a month! If you are anything like me, you are paying less than 2 bucks a week to watch 6 straight hours of football at the highest level that has ever been produced. Stop being a penny pincher and enjoy the experience that is football. If I ever have to sit through another game on Sunday with commercials, I’m going to be disappointed. Football isn’t the same without RedZone and I would really appreciate it you agree with this post, liking it because this rave review should at least convert 5 people to RedZone.