In what is obviously the biggest news story of this entire year, Jamaal Charles is going to be out for the season with an injured knee. This is dire news for all fantasy owners who picked Jamaal with their first pick. Fortunately for me, my favorite player is on none of my teams due to picking 10th and beyond in almost every draft. I want to remind everyone of the 6 players who I said were going to be big this year. McFadden, Britt, Austin, Graham, White and obviously Jamaal. All of these guys are big names (aside from Graham) so it’s not that spectacular but the first 3 guys I named are tops in the NFL. I’d argue McFadden might be THE BEST RB in the game this year. Britt is playing out of his mind and Austin’s 3TD’s last night is no joke. I’m even a little heart broken for Jamaal because I know how much he loves the end zone and this injury is going to prevent him from getting there this entire year.

In my 5 football leagues I have already won 3 games outright. As long as Hakeem Nicks doesn’t go for 22 in a PPR I will win a 4th. I’m not even sure he’s playing tonight. The one game that it looks like I’m going to lose is against “tall guy” who I know reads this blog. I’m up 20 points and he has Bradford and Ahmad Bradshaw going tonight. It’s always favorable to be ahead and not playing catch up but barring anything unusual, these two guys should get 20 points. That would give me a 4-1 record for the week which is obviously pretty good. My teams have been putting up big numbers with a key pickup from the waiver wire with Gronkowski last week. All my teams are pretty solid and I haven’t been plagued by any injuries. So far so good.

Evan whoooooped me in fanduel with good picks of V-Jack, F-Jack, J-Best and M-Staff. They had about 20 TD’s each and my picks were all pretty lousy except for Ryan Fitzpatrick. That cost me 5 bucks but I’m game for another shot week 3. Consider that a challenge. You’ll also notice the worst bet made in the history of bets taking the Chiefs +8.5 yesterday. I haven’t been betting much and that pick looked pretty lame brain.