I’m going to be terminating insertnamesucks.com. I don’t have the motivation to tend to two websites properly. I have enough trouble updating this one. However, instead of letting that site ride off into the sunset, I’m going to update some of the posts and post them on this blog. To the 3 readers of that last website this will be a bit redundant, but I hate letting work go to waste. I might change the domain name of that last site and focus on some really specific category and dedicate a blog to that. We’ll see.

In other news, I went on a long run yesterday and did manage to run 10.5 miles. The pace was at 6:40 mile pace through 8 and that was a pretty good indicator of what shape I’m in. I probably finished the last 2 in 7:30 to 8 pace which was pretty lackluster but I’m about 5-10 lbs over ideal running weight and I can feel it as I get tired. Plus my shorts started digging into my waist and the lining was killing my thighs. Too much info I know. I haven’t officially signed up for the half yet but there are still 18 days to go. I feel like I can put in some good runs between now and then and be ready for it.

I know some people don’t care about fantasy football but some probably do. I had a second 10 person, non ppr, draft last night and I drafted the all-pro team from 2005. I picked Rivers over Manning which may have been a mistake. I gambled on Chris Johnson and took McFadden in the 2nd round. Wes Welker, Brandon Lloyd, and Miles Austin make up my WR’s. Owen Daniels at TE and the Packers D. I got Tim Hightower and Rashad Jennings as RB back ups, and took Carolina Steve Smith and Lance Moore as WR back ups. I think this was a better draft than last night and that stems from having the 6th pick instead of the 9th. We’ll see.