On Saturday morning I drove down to Harrah’s Chester to play some poker. I arrived at 10:45 and there were only a few tables running. It took about 5 minutes for 9 people to show up and they started a new game for us. I played a 7 hours session and booked a profit of 600 or so bucks. I thought I played pretty good and never really got it in behind and only made one bad call all day. Here are the details of the session. I started off turning a straight and the river paired the board, I called a 35 dollar bet from an unknown player who turned out to be decent. I folded 44 to a pf raise and would have flopped quads which made me sick. I was down 100+ or so within the first hour before things started going my way. I rivered a flush or two and had cowboys a few times to get my stack back to even. In a key hand, I had AJ on a AAK flop. I bet 20 on the flop that was called by one player. The turn was a brick and I bet 50 which was called. The river was a K and I moved in for about 125 and was called by a flush. That gave me about 600 before this next hand. I had 77 and made it 10 to go and got called by 5 players. A beautiful 7TQ flop gave me a set. I bet 30 and a guy moved in for over 200. I snap called and I think I had him drawing dead. That got me close to nine hundred and I was pretty much rolling. I hit 2 more flushes and got a hair over a K before calling it quits. I played pretty well, hit some hands, and booked a solid win. The players were all in all pretty bad. There was one guy who was ok but for the most part people call way to light pf and will look you up way too lightly. With some money in my pocket, I’ll considering going back soon.