I think this is a good time to give everyone a round of applause. Year over year blog traffic is a gaining at a decent rate. Now this isn’t through the moon blog traffic but a 200% increase currently and estimated 400% at the end of the year is pretty good. I think a website / blog is really about perseverance. Many people have started blogs, gotten 10 entries in and decided to call it quits. I don’t necessarily think it’s hard work but it’s still work none the less. I’ve learned pretty much the absolute basics of how to build a webpage. I know the basic html like p for paragraph and li for bullets. WordPress has made almost everything idiot proof nowadays and any moron can put some words together with some pictures. I’ve also learned that Google giveth the same way Google taketh. I have no explanation why Google sends traffic to my blog on some posts and doesn’t recognize other. I thought that Love Triangle post was creative but no exposure and for some reason I get 100’s of people searching for “Brandi Passante Boobs”. When posts start getting some attention I try to create other posts relevant to that post and then link them together. I know a little but still haven’t quite struck that next level.

I’ve made $8.26 in 2+ years of blogging. My adsense account was terminated. I wouldn’t ever feel right charging people to read my material because I know it’s just not that worthy. I sometimes wonder what type of viewers are actually reading my blog. I have a few friends, 10, but to see 6,000 people view my website in a month is absurd. I know there are some randoms checking out this blog. People don’t take the time comment on posts that they like which is frustrating because that really helps me learn what people actually enjoy reading. My goals ahead are to keep increasing traffic. You’ll see from the archives that I’ll probably hit a high for post total this month which should show the devotion. I also think the organization of the site has improved. I think it’s fairly simple and my categorizing is almost there. There’s obviously work to be done and I’d appreciate any advice. What I’d really like is for people who read this to actually reach out and help me make this site better. The more input I have into the site, the better it becomes. People who can help me with web design or SEO, I’d gladly listen to a proposal. Bottom-line, I’ll keep coming up with posts and enjoy them at your convenience. Participation is appreciated (guest posts & polls) but not mandatory.