I had a feeling that even a shitty post like the one I wrote below would bring in additional traffic. Funny how even the search terms “Philadelphia Earthquake” bring in hundreds of visitors considering it really started in Mineral, Va. They, the media, say to expect some aftershock but I don’t think people on the East Coast really know what that means. Here’s a quote regarding the DC area about the aftershock of an Earthquake “Then, at 8:04 p.m., a strong aftershock measuring 4.2 in magnitude again rattled residents. The U.S. Geological Survey said the aftershocks could last for days or weeks. Geologists also warned the quake could be a precursor to a bigger seismic event.” This is obviously pretty scary stuff. People in California are probably laughing at a 5.9 earthquake but I’m sure us East Coasters are all pretty worried. I get the feeling that the Earth is going to open up and start swallowing society and it’s infrastructure. Just kidding but who knows what to expect. Let’s just all cross our fingers and hope nothing substantial happens in the future.