Notice I don’t say “my genuine dislike for Jerry Ferrara“. He recently lost 55 pounds and it’s quite apparent in the picture below. He claims it’s done just by his diet but he looks a little more ripped than just eating healthier. I’m sure Jerry is a stand-up guy who is just enjoying the fame from Entourage. What they’ve done to Turtle’s character is atrocious. To think that he’s running the Avion business with all those hot girls around just seems so out of place. The fact that he was with Jamie Lynn Sigler and now this Alex girl (and the hot college girl from last year) is far-fetched. I don’t know what it is but the producers tried to evolve Turtle’s character and they should just have kept him as an errand boy for Vince. His rap storyline with Saigon seemed the most realistic for him. Now he’s skinny Turtle instead of fat Turtle and his story lines are just awkward. Just my thoughts.