Just a quick “what I’ve been doing lately” update. I’ve been really annoyed with some nagging injuries lately. I’ve had this burn on the top of my middle finger for 2 weeks now and you’d be amazed how everything just happens to come in contact with it and it stings like a wasp. My toe nail on my big toe is falling off but it’s not completely off, so it hurts when the nail get lifted up but can’t fall off. My mouth has an annoying sore by the gum line which just popped up. I also have had terrible stomach cramps since after the 10k which I can’t explain and have finally started to go away.

Just to comment on the mud run 10k because people seem to be impressed. A 10k is 6.2 miles. My time was 43:30 which averages out to 7:15 miles approximately. I’d guess I’m in comparable shape to when I ran a 5 miler back in February in 29:38 which was 5:56 pace. In the 5 miler I got 26th place to give you an idea of the competition for this 10k. Now the 7:15 is much faster than an actual 7:15 pace. Each obstacle is just adding time because, for the most part, you aren’t advancing, just either stand still or slowly moving forward. I count at least 11 obstacles with the mud pit wasting at least 30 seconds. My estimate is that it was around a 6:30 pace and the rest wasted on obstacles. This isn’t an incredible time and most people will look at a place rather then a time. I’m not nearly as wowed by my performance as others.

I’ve been entertaining myself in a multitude of ways. First off, I finished the Soprano’s Season 2 on DVD this weekend and I really enjoy the show. It just seems real(er) to me. The story lines and the characters just have an appeal and I’m going to continue on with season 3. I’m caught up with True Blood, Curb, and Weeds as well. In my mind, none of these shows can hold a candle to the Sopranos. The shows are just old and the plots are just reaching. Curb has been my biggest disappointment because the situations just feel so forced. True Blood has lost it’s mind. At first it was just Vampires and now we have necromancers, wolves, panthers, and fairies. Weeds needs to stop because it is mildly entertaining but it’s ruining its reputation as a good show. Also, I’m about 100 pages into the second book of Game of Thrones called “A Clash of Kings.” I find it to be well written and keeps my attention. I’ll give a review when I finish.

Phil’s 5k is coming up on Wednesday so I’ll participate in that. I would be happy with anywhere between 17:30 and 18 minutes. I was 17:56 last year so that will be something to improve upon. I haven’t really been doing much else but watching TV and movies. My hand is really preventing me from most activities. I forgot to mention I watched The Empire Strikes Back and now just have to watch Return of the Jedi to feel complete. I can’t figure out why Princess Leia is so important. She’s the princess of a planet that doesn’t even exist, what does she rule?