The results are in and I got finished in 1st place out of 1450. It sounds better than it really is because the competition is pretty weak. I’ll go through each obstacle and my thoughts on the race and how I prepared. I woke up at 5:30 or so and picked up my packet at the race. There was no line and no reason not to just pick it up race day. I ate a pop tart or two and felt like I had to rock a deuce but I wasn’t going to because than I’d just feel uncomfortable the whole race. The military group goes off first and than runners who plan on running under 8 minute miles. This should give you an idea of what type of people compete. I started off pretty slow but so did the entire pack. The first obstacle is a 50 ft net that you have to crawl under on your stomach. I was with a group of 3 college kids to start and took the lead after the first mile. The next obstacle is some sort of hurdle that is relatively simple if you have any arm strength at all. There is about 2 miles or so of running in the woods and a pretty nasty hill that leads up to more military hurdles. There are 3 hurdles in a row that I would imagine give some people fits but I pretty much was able to jump right up and over. Next they had a tube that you had to get through on your hands and knees. At this point I was still leading the race with no one really close and I was closing in on the military leaders who started 4 minutes ahead. Next they had another tube, a cargo net and than a small mud pit you had to dive through. I thought this was so dumb because it completely water logged my shoes for the last 2 miles. I was still leading when I got to the rock wall which was a breeze. Then the shampoo ramp which you have to climb up on your stomach wasn’t so bad. I actually went off course for a few steps before I realized I was going the wrong way and it cost me about 5-10 seconds. Finally the mud which is a 50 yard pit that you have to climb through on your stomach, military style. Just when I thought I had the race locked up, some bro comes out of nowhere and dives in the mud at nearly the same time I did. He must have had alligator blood or something because he annihilated me. He probably won by 10 yards at least. I finished dead tired because that mud pit is completely tiresome and I couldn’t see because my contacts got water in front. 2nd isn’t too bad though and I’ll send a link to my place when it shows up. Overall, I had a fun time and will probably be back next year.