You’ll notice that my first two songs of the day were by Foster the People. I recently bought the CD which was an experience in itself. I haven’t bought a CD in ages but I had a best buy gift card and had some money to blow. There was exactly one copy of Foster the People’s CD left. I found it very unusual what Best Buy was doing to try to trick customers into thinking CD’s still sold. They had a shelf of the most popular artists and there would only be 2 or 3 copies of the CD on the shelf to give the illusion that the CD was selling. I found this to be a unique, underhanded way of marketing but let me discuss this CD for a minute.

Mark Foster is pretty much the band from what I understand. There are 2 other members but he seems to do everything (vocals, synthesizer, keyboards, guitar, programming). Torches is only 10 tracks but the CD only cost 10 bucks so I only felt slightly slighted. The 3 known songs, Pumped Up Kicks, Houdini, and Helena Beat are all overplayed at this point in my mind but still quality if they are new to you. I found two gems though in Wasted and Warrant. The other 5 songs all fall somewhere in the mediocre category but still worth listening to. Considering I don’t by many CD’s, I’ve found this one to be on the positive side. I also bought a CD by Best Coast, it was supposed to be one of Mark Hoppus and Hailey Williams favorite new bands, and I thought it was completely atrocious. I’ll stick with Foster the People. Their sound is just very unique and fun to listen to.