My list of things to do is long and time consuming but its importance is minimal. I’ll give you an insight into my life and current thinking about tasks at hand. First off, I want to finish Chuck Klosterman’s IV. If you keep up with my blog you’ll wonder why I seemingly can’t stop writing about this guy. His observations and thoughts on topics from sports, to music, to stupid tasks (example is eating only chicken nuggets for a week) are wildly amusing. If I met him in real life I’d be intimidated because he’s too smart. He probably wouldn’t admit that, maybe he would, but I am on the Chuck Klosterman band wagon. I’ll finish answering the questions again too which I got sidetracked doing. I make recommendations from time and his books come highly regarded from me. So, ANYWAY, I still have his book to finish which will take me another day or so.

After that I want to start the second Game of Thrones book. I got two comments asking me how the first read was and it was phenomenal. Even knowing what was going to happen only took away a little bit from the enjoyment. I can’t wait to get started but it’s sort of a mental thing that I have to get geared up to begin because it’s some 700 pages. I also bought the Soprano’s second season which I want to watch. It’s been a few months since I finished the 1 season and I’m looking forward to that as well. I also have the first season of Mad Men which came recommended by Mr. Klosterman himself which I want to watch.

I also dvr’d all the Star Wars and intend to watch them because I’m not sure I’ve seen them fully. I know that’s a pretty terrible thing to admit but I feel like it’s my purpose as a human being to at least see I’ve seen all the Star Wars movies. I watched the first one today to moderate delight. I know I’m probably being tough here because this was done 30 years ago but it seemed like it took a long time for nothing to really happen. Plus once the Death Star blew up, I feel like that would have set the Empire back financially and I’m not sure how they can really recover from that big of a hit. Mark Hamill was driving me mad because his acting made him look like such a whiny bitch. I’ll watch the other two in near term.

I didn’t really do much today except read and watch Star Wars and TV. True Blood is starting to get sloppy I think. The storylines are all over and starting to take on really weird turns. Just a tad too far out I think. Curb your Enthusiasm also premiered and I was entertained but wouldn’t say it was tremendous. Larry’s schtick is sort of tired because I feel like it’s been done before, like 7 seasons worth. I’ll still tune in every week though because he does have some funny moments undeniably.

I also had a few observations from the weekend which are amusing. I wore a blue band aid on my finger to a party on Saturday and every single person commented on it. Attracting attention to wounds doesn’t make a lot of sense and in hindsight I should have spent the extra buck for skin colored band aids. On another note, playing beer pong with water is sort of dumb. Yes it’s better for germs and the health of the table but it turns a drinking game into a non-drinking game. I also was initiated to a “no airball” rule where every airball that’s wrong results in a cup being taken away. I have mixed feelings on this rule but in the course of 8 games, it only happened to Jess Baker and I twice during a 7-1 run. I also noticed when we were playing Matt Baker, he commented that I had a few more games of beer pong under my belt than him. This got me thinking how many lifetime games I’ve played of beer pong. I estimated somewhere between 1,000 and 5,000. If I’ve played for ten years, I’m pretty sure I’ve played at least 100 a year and probably more like 500 some years. My guess is that my lifetime record is something like 1500-1000. I win more than I lose but I’m nothing special. I have a few more ideas for posts that I’ll save for another time.