When I can’t think of good topics to write about I usually just write about my day or something going on in my life. Fortunately for me, people are fascinated with other people. In the Chuck Klosterman book “Eat the Dinosaur” he made an interesting observation that he’d prefer to watch his neighbor through his window doing nothing (or anything) opposed to watching reality TV. His reasoning was simple, the unknown and curiosity behind what the stranger could be doing was the allure. Reality TV has its moments but it eventually gets old. This logic should explain why the Jersey Shore has been on the decline since the first season. When we met the cast in Season 1 it was completely new to us. We knew it was reality TV but it didn’t matter because most people have never been introduced to these “stereotypical” Italians. Ronnie and Sammi’s fighting was entertaining, hitting on girls that weren’t grenades kept our attention, but now what? We’ve seen the fighting for 3 seasons now and it’s old news. It’s also the reason why new music will always have a place. People get sick of the old and need to replace it with new. This also defines how good a song is. If a song can still be played 10, 20, 30… years after it was introduced, most likely it was a quality song. Today’s music does well to last a couple months and it’s why my poll says there isn’t a band better than the Beatles. I got off on a tangent there, let’s get back to me.

Since your at my blog, I have to assume you’re either interested in me, interested in the things I write about, or interested for some other reason like being bored at work or hoping that I mention you. I figure I can pretty much fill these lines with mindless drivel and you’ll be content and keep reading on. I don’t mind wasting your time. I’m actually flattered you enable me to do so. I’m really nothing special but I suppose I have had the ability to maintain this site for 2+ years now with marginal success. I’ve made $3.56 in the 2 year span for what it’s worth.

I really got off on a tangent in that last paragraph. I started by wanting to write about my day and just kept getting lost. I woke up, went to work, singed my knuckles in a furnace while wearing gloves, played CK4 in tennis at a tune of 6-0, 2-6, 5-7, then I ran 3 or so miles after the 2 hours of tennis which was brutal but I made myself do it. This parts for the Shee, I also ate 6 raviolis, 8 meatballs and 2 snack packs. The chocolate one has 10 more calories than the vanilla one. And the biggest problem in my life right now is that I need to find a small light bulb for this lamp that is moronically constructed to only fit small lightbulbs. Now I’m going to finish the first book in Game of Thrones and call it at night. I told you I was fascinating. My life is high octane 24/7.